Fortune Favors The Bold

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Jennjamin Franklin
Feb 17

The new face of Tumblr


Someone was talking about how anonyblogs were destroying people’s soapboxes. Obviously these anonyblogs aren’t actually stopping anyone from having their soapbox, they’re just voicing opinions that may lower someone’s soapbox to others.

(Hitler reference immediately follows, invoking Godwin’s Law)

The one thing I’ll say in support of user moderation on Tumblr, relating to this, is that relentless harassment DOES prevent people from peacefully using certain functions of Tumblr. If someone’s reblogging your stuff constantly with very personal, irrelevant, nasty comments, then you may not feel comfortable here anymore. A couple of blogs on Tumblr were purposely trying to make people feel uncomfortable for a long time. And I don’t think discipline on those users was an attempt at censorship. I believe Tumblr management has always attempted to avoid any form of censorship, up to now. They’ve said as much, and they didn’t discipline any of the abusers for a long time.

In any case, we almost certainly don’t understand the whole story. To that extent, this is why we keep talking in hypotheticals.