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Jennjamin Franklin
Mar 12

On the New York Police Department

A good point made here about an organization that has many good members, but also has a very strong internal & persistent culture of covering up/denying the bad things that have happened on their command, and a culture of being unresponsive & and maybe even condescending to the public. It’s a strong case for your attention & your activism.


I am a white woman that dresses a certain way (all prep all the time), so I realize my privilege largely affects the way I interact with people, but ESPECIALLY the police.  The only time I’ve interacted with police in a negative context was as a teenager, and it was because the rager I was throwing while my parents were out of town was too noisy.  

That being said, despite my privilege and my incredibly limited interaction with the police, I still see that the culture the organization fosters as shitty shitty shit.  This is not to say that all cops are bad people - I’m sure your brother or father or friend or sister or mother is a great person - but once they put on that uniform, they change into a symbol of racism and sexism and oppression.  

Here are articles about the NYPD that have been published on ONE WEBSITE only within the last week:

That last one is particularly indicative of the attitude the NYPD exhibits - do something wrong, then deny and attempt to cover it up.

Of course, we have the rape cops.

And the police officers that fired eleven shots at 16-year old Kimani Gray earlier this week.  

Let’s not forget the nearly 600,000 people (mostly men of color) that the NYPD stopped and frisked AS AN OFFICIAL POLICY in 2012.  

Additionally, in 2010, the Village Voice ran a series on the 81st Precinct - that’s in Bed-Stuy (a neighborhood in Brooklyn where Jay-Z, among others, grew up that is slowly being gentrified) - that shows corruption, cover-up, and increased stop-and-frisk patrol with a de-emphasis on the investigation of real, actual crime.  After the publication of the so-called “NYPD Tapes”, the NYPD went after the whistleblower with a vengeance  and basically tried to destroy his life, all the while investigating his allegations.  Last year, the Village Voice confirmed that all the allegations were true. 

So let’s not lie to ourselves and say that generalizing the New York Police Department as something is wrong.  It is not wrong to say that the NYPD is a corrupt organization that fosters an environment of racism, sexism, and violence.  It is also not wrong to ask that the group of people that exist to protect us, do that.  

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    Fuck the NYPD. Don’t ever forget about Sean Bell or Abner Louima or Amadou Diallo.
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    My general policy is to avoid the police, except during daytime hours and I’m well-dressed. Then I’ll give them a smile...
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    A good point made here about an organization that has many good members, but also has a very strong internal &...
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    Co-signing 1. Acknowledging our own standpoint/privilege 2. Thinking critically about systems rather than a few “bad”...
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